Important Notice for Minors

1. Introduction

  1. Under the corporate mission of “A New Magical Experience,” our company provides various content such as live streaming and video posting by our VTuber talents through video sharing platforms, sales of character merchandise, and operation of fan club services.
  2. The following is an important notice for minors; we would like minors to keep these points in mind so that they can enjoy the content we provide in a safe and secure manner.

2. Parental Consent

  1. We request minors to obtain parental consent prior to accessing our content.
  2. Our content also includes paid content, and the above particularly applies to this paid content. Minors are thus requested to first consult their parents/legal guardians to make a careful decision before accessing such paid content.

3. Use of Credit Cards

  1. Never use parents’/legal guardians’ credit cards without their permission to access our content as this can lead to serious issues.
  2. In addition, when viewing livestreams and videos of our VTuber talents on the video sharing platforms, various content (ex. “Super Chats,” “Membership,” and “YouTube Premium” on YouTube) are available for purchase on these platforms. Please also take the above-mentioned precaution when purchasing these.

4. Other

  1. When accessing our content, please make sure to be mindful of the time spent and frequency of accessing the content so that it does not interfere with your daily life.
  1. Enacted January 31, 2022