There is a major change
happening in entertainment.

The era of “co-creation,” in
which consumers and creators

create content together has arrived.

The individuality and diversity of people
have become more important.

For example, comments during livestream
make the content interesting.
For example, watching a talent
play a game in their unique way

while enjoying themselves makes
the viewers invested and excited.

That is what we believe and
what has kept us going.

And now, we want to
expand such entertainment

as a culture and jump to the next stage.

Pursuing more diverse entertainment
possibilities through “co-creation.”


Let's paint the blank
canvas of the company’s future together!


Ichikara Inc. changes its company name to “ANYCOLOR Inc.”


Background of the rebranding
(company name, corporate logo change, etc.)

Our company, which was founded in May 2017, has been in business for four full years and is currently operating as a comprehensive entertainment company with about 200 employees and 100 talents, including our core business, VTuber group NIJISANJI, and other VTuber businesses in Japan and overseas, as well as the VR communication business Yumenographia.

In May 2021, we will enter our fifth year, and as we approach the beginning of the new year, we have restructured our corporate brand (corporate rebranding) to embody the values and direction that we want to emphasize. We will continue to work to earn the expectations and trust of as many people as possible.


Regarding the new company name

We would like to express our gratitude once again for the recognition our old company name "Ichikara" has received from many people. Our new company name "ANYCOLOR" is based on our corporate mission of "creating magical, new experiences" and embodies the following values that we value.

A sense of mutual support, no matter the distance.

In describing our company today, "support and a sense of distance" is the most distinctive feature that we take pride in. Whenever we received praising or scolding, we were often referred to as the name "Ichikara". Those voices are the source of encouragement to our talent and employees. We will continue to value "a sense of distance" in the future.

Commitment and Challenge

We value the diversity of both our talents and employees, and aim to be a company that "continues to take on challenges" as a team while respecting the diverse creativity of individuals. With creativity and playfulness as our starting point, we have continued to create "new experiences" by making full use of the "persistence" of each individual in terms of technology and driving force. We are also proud of our mission to carry on with this attitude.

As mentioned above, the new company name "ANYCOLOR" reflects our company's past, present, and future, and we will continue to strive to create a wide variety of entertainment by utilizing the "color" of each individual.


The desicion making process
behind the company name

① Conducting workshops with our employees

As a starting point for the rebranding process, we held several workshops to review the thoughts and feelings that are important to us from the perspective of so-called "inside-out" and to verbalize them.

② Internal survey for company name ideas

Based on the verbalized values, we held an internal offering for company names with partner companies and all employees, and considered nearly 100 company name proposals.

③ Questionnaires for employees and affiliated talents

After narrowing down the list of candidates to a few carefully selected ones, we conducted a questionnaire for all employees and affiliated celebrities. Based on the results of this questionnaire, we have decided on the official name of our company.


Regarding the logo

Our company, ANYCOLOR Inc., has created a new logo that expresses our determination to create a wide variety of entertainment with our diverse talents and employees, as if we were painting with various colors on a blank canvas.


Headquarters relocation

ANYCOLOR Inc. started as a joint office in the incubation office of Waseda University, and after several office relocations, it has moved into Midtown East, directly connected to Roppongi Station, in April 2021.



We are engaged in a variety of projects, including NIJISANJI.


VTuber Project

NIJISANJI project is a VTuber group featuring a variety of talented influencers who create exciting content. The objective of this project is to accelerate the beginning of the next generation of entertainment through various activities and services such as events, sale of goods and digital contents, production of music, etc. Currently, over a 100 VTubers are actively creating unique content on video streaming platforms, such as YouTube.

Overseas VTuber Project

Influencer network that connects you to the world

We are expanding our VTuber business to a wide range of global markets, and localizing our products in countries around the world, in line with our goal to acquire highly passionate global fans. We have expanded our business to three Asian countries (China, Indonesia, and South Korea) as well as English-speaking countries. By utilizing networks in each country, the company aims to become a bridge to bring Japanese entertainment content to the world.


Character x Communication Service

Yumenographia is our pioneering service which uses VR technology to enable two-way communication with characters in the virtual world. You can interact and share your feelings with virtual characters, and feel closer to them than ever possible in reality.


We are always looking for staff
for a variety of positions.


Company name


Date of foundation

May 2nd, 2017


[Headquarters] Midtown East 11F, 9-7-2 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Japan

Capital stock

2,650,154,764 yen
(Including Additional Paid in Capital)


Riku Tazumi, CEO


Please feel free to contact us for
any service related questions or job requests.