A New Magical Experience.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our shareholders for their continued support.
Founded in May 2017, ANYCOLOR Inc. newly listed on the Growth Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in June 2022. In 2018, we launched the VTuber service operated by ANYCOLOR in hopes of modernizing the Japanese anime content industry by tapping into opportunities prompted in part by transformation of the primary media with which content users interact and also brought about by technological progress.
Ever since the Company was founded, we have been steadily upgrading our VTuber service through aggressive investment in technology and content with a focus on developing creative talent and a diverse community of fans. We have consequently achieved growth in terms of coming to serve as an ecosystem consisting of content accessible to many people along with a variety of business models. Going forward, we seek to create content that persistently exceeds stakeholder expectations as we continue to provide “A New Magical Experience.”
Moreover, our next aim as a corporate entity is to serve as an “exemplary Japanese global company” in the Japanese anime content industry, which is one of several sectors that stand as a source of national pride worldwide. We accordingly seek to grow into an exemplary global Japanese company by providing “A New Magical Experience” internationally in addition to achieving development domestically in Japan.
As such, we wholeheartedly appreciate the ongoing support and encouragement of our shareholders to such ends.

June 2022

Riku Tazumi

Chief Executive Officer


代表取締役CEO 田角 陸